RR Atelier provides beautiful custom-made furniture, interior design and planning services. We offer you a convivial, personalised service to help transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary homes.

RR Atelier is co-founded by two sisters, Renata and Robyn. Their family founded the renowned Cipta Citra Bika furniture manufacturer and interior contractor. Cipta Citra Bika are leaders in their industry, recognised for their exceptional taste and flawless results, often exceeding client’s expectations. The influence of their upbringing and background provided Renata and Robyn with skills and invaluable knowledge in developing RR Atelier.

People began to notice Renata and Robyn’s eye for impeccably designed interiors and their ability to transform rooms into beautifully designed spaces. Increasingly they found people asking the two sisters to furnish their homes, and are now making their own mark on Indonesia’s interior design scene with their company, RR Atelier.


Renata & Robyn are now making their own mark on Indonesia's Interior Design scene with their company, RR Atelier

"At RR Atelier, we believe that high quality and exquisitely designed furniture does not have to be imported. Which is why we manufacture and create all of our custom furniture here in Indonesia. As we source from a variety of different countries, we produce a fascinating mix of authentic Indonesian craftsmanship with the best quality materials from around the globe. Some of the most sought after exotic hardwood, textiles and craft come from our vast archipelago.” – Renata, RR Atelier Managing Director.

Their firmness on excellent quality exotic hardwood is partnered with an environmental mind-set. RR Atelier sources wood from sustainable forests and have initiated the RR Atelier Reforestation Project, dedicated to replanting trees and continuing to provide high quality exotic wood from sustainable sources. 

Renata (Managing Director)

Renata, as managing director, is the force behind RR Atelier’s exacting quality standards. Renata travels to all of their suppliers to ensure that when your products arrive, they precisely match your specifications. Each piece has been carefully curated and tested by the company directors for both functionality and design, swiftly making their names synonymous with the creation of high quality interiors and luxury home pieces.

Robyn (Creative Director)

RR Atelier’s creative director, Robyn, has a passion for what she does and has established a reputation for elegant and luxurious design. Building upon her natural talent, Robyn further developed her creativity and skill for interior design at the internationally renowned Parsons’ School of Design in New York. Here she learned from some of the world’s most influential interior designers and was exposed to New York’s urban style and the Hamptons’ classic taste. Robyn also lived in Paris and was inspired by the city’s style and sophisticated charm. Her exceptional taste is shown in the quality in her designs and impeccable finish.